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NILSUSA Arctic Trekker

Making ice fishing trips easier to handle with a truly portable hand auger. Packs into a backpack in a few segments depending on what is needed. No tools needed to assemble - not even for the cutting head.

The Arctic Trekker may be used in a variety of configurations. Short for early ice and longer as the ice thickens later season. the auger can be extended indefinitely by adding flighting extensions of 14" or 28" (Sold Separately) without removing the cutting head.

The Arctic Trekker has the standard cordless drill top, but can be converted into a power auger with the power auger converter. (Sold Separately)

Available Sizes:

UR450AT = 4.5"

UR600AT = 6"

UR800AT = 8"

NILSUSA Convertible Auger

This is the hottest auger on the ice in North America. It's the one everyone talks about. This is a hand auger that simply converts into an electric powered auger by removing the handle and adding a cordless drill.  The attached flare prevents accidental loss down the hole.


UR450C 4.5"

UR600C 6'

UR800C 8"

Converting the Auger

For best results when using the 8" auger choose a 2 speed high torque cordless drill with 700 inches of torque or better.

An 18V (Minimum) Lithium battery powered cordless drill with a brushless motor is recommended in all applications 

For reference - An 8" auger with a Milwaukee 18v Fuel Drill weighs approximately 12.5 pounds.

NILSUSA Folding Auger

New in 2016 - NILSUSA went beyond another industry standard introducing the UR450FC 4.5" folding auger that may be used as a hand auger or converted to be used with a cordless drill by removing the handle. The 4.5"  collapsible auger is a great tool to pack when traveling light on the ice, fish scouting, or where storage space is limited. 

Also available  UR600FC  = 6" and UR800FC = 8"

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